The Dark Side of Glory 


By Richard McMahon

In this page-turning historical war and suspense novel, the biographer of a highly decorated Army general learns that there is a hidden side to his life, involving a covered-up murder, a secret Japanese mistress, and an abandoned illegitimate daughter. As the story unfolds, it reveals an intriguing mystery, a tragic love story, and traces the general’s last command and the lives of its men, from its role in the occupation of Japan, to its achieving fame in the Korean War.

The book focuses on five characters: Philip Coursen, who appears at first to be the perfect Army officer, but who is revealed to have an increasingly mysterious dark side, Miriam Coursen, equally perfect Army wife, who may hide a secret agenda, Calvin Carter, an idealistic young West Pointer, beset with guilt as a result of his clandestine affair with another officer’s wife, Samantha Winstead, the beautiful, vivacious cause of Calvin Carter’s discomfort, and Matthew Clark, who becomes more drawn into his research after falling in love with the young woman who claims to be Coursen’s secret daughter. …READ MORE

The Court Martial of Benedict Arnold

0court martialby Richard McMahon

 What if, instead of escaping to British lines, Benedict Arnold had been captured by the Americans after his attempt to surrender West Point? Suppose he had been brought to trial before a military court for the capital offense of treason in time of war? What would his defense have been? In The Court-Martial of Benedict Arnold, America’s most infamous traitor defends himself before a panel of his peers, claiming that the entire event was an enemy plot to discredit him and thus undermine the American cause.

This is also the story of Joshua Thorne, a conflicted officer in the Judge Advocate General Corps, who has been given the task of defending Arnold. Thorne is depressed by the role he is required to play in prosecuting soldiers for offenses caused mainly by the failure of Congress to feed and pay them. He has started to drink heavily, and is beginning to question his loyalty to the quest for America’s independence. His life is further complicated when his defense of Arnold places his love affair with Amelia Martin at risk. Amy, a school mistress and fierce patriot, detests Arnold as a traitor, and is distressed by Thorne’s growing alliance with him.

The trial begins with a case against Arnold that appears overwhelming. However, a brilliant defense engineered by Arnold and Thorne slowly demolishes the evidence and the credibility of the government’s witnesses. When he manages to discredit the government’s star witness, it appears as though Arnold may go free.

The book also presents an accurate and fascinating account of life in colonial America at the time of the American Revolution, and affords an insight into the character of some of the most famous men of the age.

A Web of Evil

Web of Evilby Richard McMahon

When Michelle Iverson disappears after posting a provocative message on a BDSM Internet bulletin board, her father hires Mason Grant to find her. Mason teams up with the missing woman’s stepsister, Tracy, and the pair delves into the dark side of cyber space, seeking clues to Michelle’s disappearance. The journey leads Mason and Tracy down several false trails, into a love affair, and finally to a confrontation with a sadistic abductor. Mason’s search leads to a shocking revelation, which turns his world on end. The story focuses on three main characters. Mason Grant is a former Army officer who chose early retirement after his family was killed in a tragic traffic accident. He now assists his former commander and mentor, also now retired, in discreet investigations. Tracy Iverson, the vivacious stepsister of the missing Michelle, is the natural daughter of a respected financial adviser to the wealthy, who has hired Mason, rather than bring an unsavory situation to public attention. Martin Sandler, a dangerous, sadistic prowler of unconventional websites, is obsessed with seeking a woman who will be a willing partner in his sexual fantasies.  


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