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The Dark Side of Glory

by Richard McMahon

Editorial Reviews

“The Dark Side of Glory by Richard McMahon ranks right beside David Baldacci’s bestselling novels when it comes to plot twists and turns and jaw-dropping surprises. Just when you think you’ve figured out what happens next, McMahon throws a ten-pound sledgehammer through your preconceptions. It’s an edge-of-your-seat thriller by a top-flight talent. Truly, The Dark Side of Glory is a stunning triumph!”   –Dwight Jon Zimmerman, award-winning military historian and #1 New York Times bestselling author. President, Military Writers Society of America.

“In this page-turning suspense novel, Richard McMahon expertly switches between two settings and time periods, the earlier being the Korean War, and the current a who-done-it mystery. McMahon’s novel is ranked up there with some of the most renowned mystery writers of our time. You will stay up late reading it all the way to the very end, when the final secret is revealed.” –Michael Christy, Editor, Dispatches, official member publication, Together We Served.            

“An excellent book, written by an author who obviously knows what he is talking about. Brings to life what is known in Britain as the “Forgotten War.” The plot and the characters are well developed and make you want to know their stories. The military aspects are brilliantly presented, certainly on a par with other authors such as Coyle or Bond.”  –Peter Nicholas Farrell Reviews, London.

Book Reviews

Great War Story
Review by: John M. “John” on May 9, 2015
“A great war story with some twists and turns. Thoroughly enjoyed!”
Made me happy…
Review by; Geraldene S. Hull “Consistant Voter” on May 8, 2015
“Made me very happy that I got out safe and sound'”
Pretty Good
Review by: Sebuka68 on April 4, 2015
“Not a bad book. Not much detail but a good story. Books like this one always remind me of something Leon Uris might write, and that’s unfortunate because Uris was a more thorough researcher and a better writer. But this book’s not a bad way to pass a few hours.”
Five Stars
Review by: Joe Von March 27, 2015
“Very well done”
Very Enjoyable
Review by: John on March 12, 2015
“Has enough twists and turns to keep your interest without over doing it. Very enjoyable.”
Great Read!
Review by: Bill Romeo on February 24, 2015
“Great Read!!! I enjoyed the history and the page turning suspense. Looking forward to your next one.”
Read this book; you won’t be sorry
Review by: Neil on February 16, 2015
“I don’t often write reviews, but this book deserves one. It’s terrific; one of those that you are sorry to see end. The plot is more than engaging and the characters eminently believable. Additionally, it’s realistic. I served in the military for 30+ years and the author captures the culture entirely. I also served several times in Japan and again he does that justice. I probably read at least a book a week and likely more. So far this is the best novel I’ve read in a year. Well done.”
Complex wartime mystery
Review by: R. Garrison “bob__g” on February 15, 2015
“A skillful depiction of the horrors of war and its effects on the people involved. A tragic unravelling of a murder mystery, involving a unique legal limbo and multiple emotional interactions. Hard to put down, despite the titular dark tone.”
I’m reading the book now. It is shows a …
Review by: midwest gal on February 8, 2015
“I’m reading the book now. It is shows a different side of military life.
Will know more when I finish the book”

Great Book, I could not put it down
Review by: Helga G. Minderjahn on January 26, 2015
“Great Book, I could not put it down, and what an ending! I am sure Richard McMahon has been thinking for a long time to write this book, I am glad he did!”
Review by: george w barfield on January 22, 2015
“Very Good, Read it in three sittings. Been a while since I`ve read a Novel. Was attracted by the setting (Korea, War) The unrevealed rapist`s involvement was well done.”
With Several love interest and a murder mystery to boot
Review by: John Hall on January 18, 2015
“I was very impressed by this novel. It is a realistic account of a fictional armored recon battalion that is whipped into fighting shape by its commanding officer, and becomes such an effective fighting force that it is sent to deal with one crisis after another in the Korean War, leading to its virtual destruction. This is a really gripping story well told, with several love interests and a murder mystery to boot. A remarkable achievement, I recommend it most highly.”
Great weaving plot
Reviewed by: Donald A. Del Rosario “Don Del Rosario” on October 19, 2014
“Unique saga with great weaving plot and vivid action scenes. Very well written.”

Review by: Ronaele Whittington on October 10, 2014
”In his October 8, 2014 Coffee Break column, Jerry Coffee described and praised this book and its author. Richard McMahon had received a gold medal for historical fiction from the Military Writers Society of America… More than enough reason for me to read The Dark Side of Glory… All parts of this narrative tie together by the end of the story. The drudgery and uncertainty of the battlefield could just as well be the ground action in Syria today, with or without USA involvement. Korea must have been a nightmare for active duty, their families, and civilians. McMahon documents entanglements of human beings – because of what they bring to the war and because of what the war does to them. Glad I read this book.”
ONE OF THE “MUST READ” GREAT MILITARY THRILLERS!Review by: Doris E. Reichert  on September 27, 2014“A fascinating fictional book of the time of the Korean War! I had to read the book cover to cover in one sitting and then go back to read it slowly once again, because I did not want to miss the many details and nuances. Took pleasure to indulge in Richard McMahons prolific knowledge of military life during that time! The Author created a truly spellbinding Novel!”

Review by: mj haas on July 18, 2014
“It was a pleasure to read & I hated to see it end. I hope for more novels from McMahon! It had the true ring of authenticity,& gave me an insight into Army life I didn’t have.”   Jim Haas
Review by: Fred Boll on July 1, 2014
“The entire book was a great read. The surprising ending added startling twist to the well written tale. Marvelous.”
Review by: Ms. Ann Thrope on May 29, 2014
“When Matthew Clark agrees to write the biography of General Coursen, he hasn’t an idea the layers of deceit and deception he’ll uncover in his pursuit to be thorough, nor does he realize his own life will be forever changed in the process.

In his novel, The Dark Side of Glory, Richard McMahon alternatively paints past and future love stories blossoming while wars rage on two types of battle fronts. McMahon deftly captures all audiences by producing a manuscript worthy of a factual military history book, while sating a romantic’s appetite, and tipping the scale toward a true mystery who-done-it.

“The Dark Side of Glory kept me up past my bedtime, and entertained me throughout my day until the last sentence was read. I’m looking forward to experiencing Mr. McMahon’s other works.”
MY REVIEW OF MR. McMAHON’S “The Dark Side of Glory”
Review by: Claus Prufer on March 17, 2014
“At the outset The Dark Side of Glory by Richard McMahon reads like a well researched military history spanning the period prior to and during our war with Korea. It is that aspect that kindles my interest. Officers and NCOs are sketched with insight into their characters and bearing. But soon suspense is created by a murder plot leading us into post world war Japan. Such is the excitement that you cannot put down this book. And it makes one read on and on without any intermission for fascinating subplot dramas involve a narrator’s conscience of investigating the suspects, in falling in love and identifying the guilty who is escaping paying for the crime committed. But I mustn’t give away the plot. A perfect read; sensitive without sentimentality.”   Claus M Prufer
Review by: Boatman
on March 9, 2014
“As you can see from all of the five star ratings this is a must read book. Most interesting and kept my interest from beginning to end.”
Review by: Amazon Customer
“Richard McMahon does a fantastic job writing truly believable and mesmerizing fiction. I sat in a chair, in my jammies, from morning to night reading till the surprising end. This book is that kind of read. You won’t be able to put it down and you will continue to think about it for a long time after you do. Don’t miss out on reading Richard McMahon’s first great novel. I’m hoping that there will be many more books from him!”
Review by: Gettysburg Dave
on February 24, 2014
”Having read many books in the genre of historical fiction, I found Richard McMahon’s “The Dark Side of Glory” to be one of the most interesting and informative. It was a compelling read with its unexpected plot turns and its interesting information about post-WWII events. While reading it on my iPad whenever I encountered an historical reference with which I was not completely familiar I checked McMahon out and he was always spot-on. Much to my chagrin there was one significant event that I learned about for the first time. I highly recommend this book and look forward to future Richard McMahon books.”
Review by: Mary Lou Lee
on February 14, 2014
“It has been a long time since I have been totally immersed in a book. The Dark Side of Glory, was just such a book. I could not put it down. The romance, the intrigue. All were page turners. Beyond the entertainment factor, it was very informative about how the military community operates, about which I confess i am totally ignorant. It was so well written, the reader feels that he is involved in all of the military action. Thank you, Richard McMahon.”
Review by: billgreen
on February 17, 2014
“This is one of the very best books I have ever read. It is very exciting and can’t be put down until finished. The author combines historical fact and fiction in an unsurpassed manor. I can’t wait to read Mr. McMahon’s next book.”
Review by: lilseal18
on January 13, 2014
”This book is a fun and interesting story. It has all the elements of a great read: mystery, romance, betrayal, action and more. It includes a ton of detail regarding the military aspects of the book though you won’t be overwhelmed by it. As a reader you get the sense that the author has military experience and really knows his stuff. Overall a great story written by a great story teller. I would recommend giving it a try.”
Review by: Nadia Le Bon
on January 10, 2014
“This book gave me an insight on the history of the US presence in Japan and the Korean war, while weaving a compelling story of love, mystery and personal failures. The author delivers a very vivid account of life as a soldier in a foreign country with major world’s event unfolding. You cannot put this book down, as you want to know what’s happening next, and you are still surprised at the end. Highly recommended!”
Review by: Michael Styring
on December 27, 2013
“Highly recommend this book. It reads effortlessly and has well developed characters. Hope this author writes more similarly written books.”
Review by: Ashton Lawrence
on December 25, 2013
“This book shows an excellent understanding of leadership under difficult conditions aside from being a great tale. As a retired officer I can identify with many of the personalities described in the story.”
Review by: Sandy Speed
on December 4, 2013
“Excellent writing. I enjoyed the story line and especially the fact that I did not “guess” the outcome. I will look for other books written by Richard McMahon.”
Review by: Man Kim “japsangin”
on October 26, 2013
“I have never heard or read about the post- WWII in Japan. I really wanted to know how they had lived to survive the hardships. It has been said that without Korean war what Japan is now could not be possible. The novel is fiction, though. It tells me about what I have tried to understand up to now.”
Review by: bigbaddoc
on September 25, 2013
“This work has an unusual and interesting plot. It was an “I can’t lay this down until I find out what happens next” type of work. Very good writing style but as in many ebooks, it could use better editing. I highly recommend this book.”
Review by:  WilliamF 
on September 5, 2013
“Brilliant Historical Novel.  Richard McMahon’s The Dark Side of Glory is a classic, probably the best insight into the pre-Korean War US Army, and the war, itself, ever written. As an Army brat in the 1950’s, and an active duty Naval officer from 1959 – ’65, I have only praise for his accuracy and skill in portraying military life and warfare. His battle scenes are devastatingly brought to life, as a framework to a complex and irresistable plot, peopled by believable characters. The Dark Side of Glory is, at the same time a subtle and multi-faceted mystery that captivates as seduces the reader until the last page. Well done, Richard. You have written an unforgettable work.”   Michael
Review by: Just Dave
on September 2, 2013
“Terrific story and well written. I mostly read free stuff and occasionally buy more when I like an author. I would buy more from Richard McMahon.”
Review by: Nina Sala-Gault “Nina Sala-Gault”
on August 16, 2013
“I bought The Dark Side of Glory by Richard McMahon to read on my Kindle because I like to read historical novels of the WW2 era. I enjoyed it! Thank you Amazon for providing this book for downloading.”
Review by: Jay Feldman 
on August 12, 2013
“Best .99¢ I’ve spent this year. This is a great book. Do not start reading with a hot cup of coffee, because next time you take a sip it will be cold. This book is extremely well written and will hold your attention from front page to last. It has a surprise ending, one you will not expect. It excels when covering the Korean conflict and other military details. Excellent value, great read!!”
Review by: caligirl
on August 6, 2013
“I loved this book! Mr. McMahon brings his characters to life through his extensive knowledge of history, the US Military and martial conflict. The twists and turns this book takes, keeps you guessing as you experience this wonderful love story filled with military action, mystery and intrigue. With the 60th Anniversary of the Korean War armistice upon us, this historical suspense thriller is timely and a great read! I look forward to reading your next book, Mr. McMahon.”
Review by:
lcwiltshire on August 6, 2013
“I really liked this book. It has a little bit of everything – crime, mystery, romance, history. Very good book!”
Review by: trekker 
on August 5, 2013
“First I don’t normally read “war stories” unless I’m researching my father’s time as a POW in WWII. That being said I’m really glad that I read this one. The book is well written and I quickly became invested in the characters, I mourned when a character was lost to the brutalities of war and cheered when they survived that said war. The book was written with 2 POV’s the first being a writer commissioned to write a book about the life story of General Philip Sheridan Coursen and the other Lt. Calvin Carter, a company commander of General Coursen’s Tenth Recon. The book has it all love, hate, revenge and everything in between. The intrigues will surprise you and keep you reading til the end. Out of the ashes of the broken lives of the characters rises a rebirth called love. This book could easily be turned into a mini series reminiscent of “Winds of War”  I highly recommend this book.”
 Review by: Margaret A. Croyts
on August 2, 2013
“This story has everything you would want…action, romance, suspense, love, Gore and such GOOD mysteries. I absolutely enjoyed reading this book.”
Review by: Peter Nicholas Farrell
on July 27, 2013
An excellent book, written by an author who obviously knows what he is talking about. Brings to life what is known, in Britain, as the “Forgotten War”, very relevant at this time as we remember the 60th Anniversary. The plot and the characters are well developed and make you want to know their stories. The military aspects are brilliantly presented, certainly on a par with other authors such as Coyle or Bond. Keep up the good work Mr. McMahon.”
Review by: read more
on July 24, 2013
Thank you Mr McMahon for a very well written novel. The other reviews are right on, so often a free book is given better then deserved stars. Not this one it is full 5 star quality, don’t miss it.”
Review by: R.E. Schobernd
on July 23, 2013
“The Dark Side of Glory is a great novel. The emotions of the characters are told in great detail and the love story was poignant. Congratulations to Mr. McMahon for a brilliant plot and great writing.”
Review by: I. Readalot
on July 23, 2013
This is a marvelously well told story. The plot is different and exciting. The characters are described vividly to the extent I felt a loss when any of them died. A murder is exposed at the beginning but it is a wild ride before the killer is exposed. And among all this are the Korean War and a tragic love story. This is definitely a 5.0 read.”
Review by: jrrymllr
on July 17, 2013
“This is a brilliant novel, but you might find, as I did, that it’s sometimes difficult to keep reading. It’s a mystery set inside a sometimes horrific history of a reconnaissance company’s experiences during the Korean War.   Both plotting and dialogue are masterful, and the resolution of the mystery, which is so improbable it could easily be a real-life story, is impossible to predict. I haven’t read a better book on smashwords or a better novel about war anywhere else.”


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